Saturday, July 30, 2005

Colourful Taichung, by night.
A couple of mates went to a place called 'lavender cottage' the other day and on the way home stopped off for a swim in this perfect pool. Here's Janine.
My friend Rob S on his scooter, a few hours before the typhoon hit. The clouds are flying by, hence the blur.
Post-typhoon-Haitang damage.
Shees. Some people will do anything to stand out from the crowd... including covering an otherwise-attractive scooter in leopard print fur.
Taichung street art #5. I really like this one.
Taichung street art #6. This face looks kind of familiar... Any ideas, anyone?
Taichung street art #4. The third side.
Taichung street art #3. Another side of the road
Taichung street art #2. This the first image on the first pillar of a 4 sided bridge, near the computer mall NOVA (if that means anything to anyone reading this)
Taichung street art #1.
Long time no post, I know, sorry! I've been computer-less for a few weeks hence the silence. Yes, about the post... I'm really not that into flowers but these water lillies blooming in my apartment's pond are pretty impressinve.