Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Monday, October 03, 2005

A typical scene outside the city. This is a guy working in his rice paddy.
A full moon shining down on my apartment complex. My building is on the left.
This is what happens to the roof of your car when you park under a builing site. Concrete speckles and Dorienne at the 'Flying Cow' Ranch.
A full moon at the 'Flying Cow' Ranch.
Typhoon damage on a mountain road.
The funniest homework book I've ever graded! I've completely changed my view of this quiet girl after this one!
A classic sign in DaKeng
A visit to Taiwan's Eartquake museum, in WuFeng, revealed just how damaging the 921 earthquake had been.
The typhoon blew a lot of Taichung's usual smog away and revealed a great sunset, on the way back from a drive in WuFeng. I took this through the 1 lens of my orange night glasses.