Friday, June 24, 2005

My New Blog!

I have a new blog, for those interested. It's and I've put all my semi decent bits of graphic design that I've created over the years on there. Take a visit and leave a comment!!
My apartment complex has a really great garden when one considers the lack of gardens in Taichung. Here's a cropped close up of a simple but elegant flower. Feel free to post the name if you know it.
This looks almost European, except that it's really not. I liked the colors and contrasts of this scene. The coloured billboards are advertising a new apartment complex that will be built on the foreground. The name of the complex is typical 'image English' (ie only to show how cool and 'Western' it is): 'The largest Cortille in North Taichung'. Anyone ever heard of a 'Cortille' before?
Degrees Celcius. And that's at 11pm. This country is HOT!
Here's a typical example of Taiwanese entrepreneurship: a food truck. Find a corner, park your vehicle and you have a business!
Beautiful clouds on my way to work yesterday.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Star Trek Episode 37. I'm the non-comformist on the right. The diving/snorkelling was fantastic. The variety of coral and sea life in the water around the island is spectactular. If you've never been snorkelling/scuba diving, I highly recommend it - it's a totally new world under the surface. Next purchase: a waterproof housing for my camera!
Here's a great pic of one of the most photogenic people I've ever met - Tracy Sparrow. Taken in front of an old fishing boat on Green Island.
So a bunch of mates and I visited Green Island which is South East of Taiwan, about an hour's ferry ride from Taidung. It's a former penal colony that has been open to tourists for quite a few years now. It's home to some very beautiful scenery like the shot above and has some of the best coral reefs I've ever seen. A good place to visit if you have the time.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I visited the science museum and they had this interesting display about population growth. This pic doesn't look half as eerie as the real display does.
Another classic mistranslation on the side of a scooter.