Saturday, August 19, 2006

Long way down - Taipei 101 part 2

89 floors, to be exact. Amazingly, the elevator takes 35 seconds to get up or down.

Taipei 101

I had been there before, but never at night. Amazing is all I can say. The view is unbelievable.

New phone

I got a new one! I can read the Bible and listen to MP3's on it at the same time. For those interested in the model, it's a Motorola ROKR E2.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Alishan 4

Art class.

Alishan 4

Here's one of my favourite photos from the trip - it's a happy kid with a game of 'pass the rubber band to your friend using a straw in your mouth' going on in the background.

Alishan 3

Here's picture of a funny game my friend Grace designed for the kids which consisted of blowing a ping pong ball out of a bowl of flour. It was so funny to watch!!

Alishan 2

Moonrise... without a tripod - man, I was annoyed with myself! Well here's a blurry shot to give you an idea anyway.

Alishan 1

My company (Hess Educational Organisation) has a 'foundation' which they put money into in order to help kids in Taiwan who don't have much. I went up to Alishan (Ali Mountain) a week or two ago to help out and had a great time with some good kids. Having a 5 and 12-year-old in the same classroom proved to be a little difficult to control, especially since my Chinese is so bad, but it was great fun anyway. Here's a pic of the kind of view you get from the little school in the Mountains.


is the general term for (Japanese?) barbecue restaurants in which you pay a set fee and get to barbecue/braai as much food as you want to for an hour and a half. I've been to a few of them recently and can highly recommend them to the meat hungry visitor on a budget. Normally an evening at one of these restaurants costs about US$13 or so.


I never put photos on this blog that I don't think are relevant to a stranger visiting this site. Well today is a little different. Here are some of my buddies from work.

Cheers, Craig and Jo!

A belated farewell to two of my best friends here in Taiwan, Craig and Jo. They will both be sorely missed!

My church

...just got a website. Visit it at Here's a picture of a hand and the rest of church during one of our Sunday morning worship services. Oh and if anyone is looking for a Bible based non-denominational church that has bilingual everything, come along and visit us. Address details are on the church website.