Friday, June 24, 2005

Here's a typical example of Taiwanese entrepreneurship: a food truck. Find a corner, park your vehicle and you have a business!


ah )))))) said...

Hi, Rog

Ah, it seems like that i didn't introduce myself when i firstly left message! This is Janice form "nowonair", nickname 'ah'.

Actually, i forgot the story how i visited your blog, but I remember I left a messages because of your introduction up there - you said you love to read comments!

your blog brought me some new ideas so i just feel free to write whenever i got any comments!

Btw, this photo is very familiar to me - it located one block from an evening market, right?!

anyway, good job!

RoG said...

I think so... It's next to one of the canals, in the North of Taichung.