Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Taiwanese baseball games are something different. I've never seen such commited fans as those of 'Brother Elephant's Baseball Club' of Taibei. Drums, trumpets, a loudspeaker and 500 plastic banging-cones (one of which my camera was peering down in this picture), should have kept the yellow team psyched up for the duration of their 2 hour game against the Whales (also from Taibei) on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

That's really cool! How do you get the light balance so spot-on? (More photography queries from your sis). :)

RoG said...

Your camera should do a decent job for you. Remember, mine is smaller, so the lens fits inside the cone. The camera measures light from what comes in the lense, so this is just a normal photo for the camera.

But I sometimes use a program called Picasa to auto adjust the contrast and colors. Whether that's cheating or not is debatable. I just try to make the photos appear as close to reality as possible.