Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Messing around with white balance and shadows.


Jonathan Meyer 梅佑昇 said...

Hey, your Blog is really cool.. I have fallen in love with some of the pictures..
I am a german guy staying in Tainan for a Year.. I am here for 2 Month now.
I also have a Blog (since yesterday i swiched to english) but i can't claim to have such Pictures..
Keep that up!
I will drop in again, thats sure..
God bless you..
Jonathan aka 佑昇

Craig V said...

Hey dude !

Loving your photos as always... you have such a knack for seeing a good photo in everyday life! I am sticking to wildlife for the moment... (oh and joshua of course!)
mail me @ bigfoot.


Glen said...

Hey Slick. What components has that new ride of yours got? I'm thinking of getting the 2006 GT avalanche 1 when I get over there - apparently the GT factory is in Taichung?? Got Deore LX components so looks pretty sweet for the price. Why'd you go full sus?? Hardtail surely the way forward??

What trails around there?? Found any worth riding????

Supercords said...

Ah man. A few more days without posting and I'm going to be forced to drop you from my daily line-up.

RoG said...

Sorry, supercords. I need to be less sporadic, you're right. Well, there are now about 10 new posts. I'll try to keep them coming.

Supercords said...

Holy Crap! Now look what I've done. Looks like I have some serious reading to do. Glad to see you're back.