Monday, January 23, 2006

My apologies to all those who have been visiting my blog for a while. I'm sure you must be bored with night pictures. I guess it's just due to the fact that I'm only free at night after work and that I think things look so much more interesting after the sun goes down. Anyway, about this photo. Taichung has some really attractive parts and one of them is near a large department store where someone has lined all the trees and the entire one side of the road with Christmas lights. It looks fantastic.


jiE* said...

aww me and my cousins drove back hanging around in taichung during chinese new year. i was like amazed cause i didnt expect how gorgeous taichung could be! your photographs remind me of some memories of childhood and got me plan to work there for a while after graduating. :]

RoG said...

Thanks for the comment. Jaa, Taichung is a good place to work and live for a short time, I think, but Taibei has more to offer overall. However it's much cheaper to rent apartments in Taichung, so perhaps you can save more money.