Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mongolian Style Stir Fry

Just a shot taken at a night market near my house.


Charmaine said...

Hey ya Roger I was wondering what camera you use? See I wanna buy one but actually dont know a thing about digitals-and have only a vague idea about single lense reflex..any help?

RoG said...

I use a Canon eos350D body with a Sigma 28-200mm zoom lens. As far as information about cameras goes, I recommend you do some research before you buy. Think about what you are going to do with the camera and then think about whether you can justify the cost of a digital SLR. If you aren't going to take tons of pictures, or do really weird stuff (like star trails) and speed isn't that important to you, then I recommend a compact camera like the Canon Powershot S80. I used to have the S50 and it was an amazing machine. In fact all the photos on my blog up until about December last year were taken with it. Go to for information about cameras, or go to's tutorials to learn more. Most modern compact digicams take flipping good pictures, by the way.

Charmaine said...

Great-thank you for all that. I probably will need a fancy-ish camera in the sense that I want to use it for Stop Frame animiations and i think those things only look really good if they are clear. But as you say all modern digi cameras are probably pretty good for that!! Decisions. Im gonna go check out those sites. Thank you so much!!

I thought you were leaving Taiwan by the way?