Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Typing Chinese... slow, when you're not a good student. I've decided to accelerate my learning I'm going to try to type everything in Chinese, even if I haven't officially learned the characters yet. The general process goes like this...

Try to remember the word you're looking for.
Think about how to 'spell it' in Mandarin phonetics.
Try to remember the correct tone for each syllable.
Search in the back of my book to find the correct tone, and try to remember what the character looks like.
Look for the correct phonetic symbols on the keyboard.
Type them.
Type the correct tone.
Make sure that the character is correct (by this time I've usually forgotten, so I have to check my book again).

And voila! You have successfully typed a single character! Translating 6 written sentences from English into Chinese usually takes me about 2 hours. However, I can do it verbally in about 1 minute.


Behemoth said...

You take the real hard way.. And made a few mistakes.. But never mind.. Just let me tell you this..
Get yourself a proper computer dictionary, look up the character in less than 5 seconds by english, see the pinyin and the character, type it in your text editor, and after reapeating this for a few times, voila, you learned a new charcter and its pinyin..
You dont really need the tones for every character, the automatic suggestions plus a bit selecting afterwards work very well..
Typing chinese after a bit practise gets almost as fast as english..
I could recommend you a good tool vor Windows, cquicktrans, just copy and paste, but you seem to use apple..
Just google a bit, last time I found a program for OS X for a friend, I just forgot the name..
This way is not cheating, you are not at class, and after a while you really can use it..
Writing chinese can be easy..

RoG said...

Hey thanks for the information. I'm actually finding that the more I do it, the quicker it gets. It's just the beginning stages that are rather tedious. Also I'm still not totally familiar with my bu pu mu fu keyboard layout yet. But I'll get there I hope!

Romona said...

Flip, you are far too hectic with your linguistic achievments over there. i want to ask how you are...mmm?maybe i will... how u doing?

RoG said...

I'm well, and you???

KP said...

looking through your are a great artist! Just a shout out, have fun in Taiwan, best wishes.

Anonymous said...

You have to keep studying hard, ok?
And try your best to do your HW on time. :)
You can do it!

KP said...

are you in school in Tawain or work? Your blog is very interesting. I had the chance to visit Indonesia last summer as well as Singapore and Asia is a very lovely, although humid and hot, place. If you liked "Evolution of Dance" you might also appreciate Mr. T's 80's video or ode to motherhood! its hilarious! If you know any other funny websites/videos, do share!

KP said...

Oh wow! I didn't realize you were a Christian! That's so awesome! Praise God. I am also a Christian and I work with the Navigators in Massachusetts with college ministry. Sweet. I think you're pictures are sweet. I love photography and I am learning more and more about it. I might put up a link to your pics on my site. Thanks!

RoG said...

I'm working in Taiwan, teaching English to kids at an after-school school. Hey, school school - I bet you've never made a coherent sentence like that before. Having a link from your blog would be great, thanks!!! Yes, I'm a Christian and I'm a part of a great Bible-based bilingual church here in Taichung. Thanks for the comments!!!

KP said...

Are you from the States? I mean not that you couldn't originally be from Taiwan, :) but I saw some links to South Africa. i have friends over there right now. thats awesome. i love globe -trotters. they always have the best stories.

RoG said...

No, I'm from South Africa as you guessed. Hey if you want to email me, we could chat better.
It's rogergordon and I'm at

Gareth said...

Hey Rog... when did you cross over to Mac? Any ideas what you gonna do when you get back in SA?

I see your counter just hit over 10000... well done...