Friday, September 24, 2004


That's a crazy work day.

9 am - wake up
9:15 - exercise and shower
9:45 - breakfast
10:00 - devotional time
10:20 - clean up sort out books etc.
10:30ish - head off to branch.
10:45 - mark frantically
12:30 - grab lunch
12:40 - take back defective cable for my new phone
13:00 - head back to branch
13:05 - mark frantically
13:25 - drive like a maniac to my other branch to deliver some books.
13:30 - drive like a crazy maniac to my other branch.
13:45 - Eat my lunch
13:55 - Great (sarcasm). I have 5 minutes to prepare for my Treehouse class.
2:00 - Treehouse class
4:00 - Write comments in communication books as fast as I can. Clean classroom. Rush
4:15 - Prepare to be a substitute teacher for Craig's class. I have little idea what's going on.
4:30 - OK here we go, Clubhouse class.
6:30 - (see 4:00 entry)
6:45 - Drive like a psycho maniac back to my main branch.
6:50 - Run inside. Rush
6:55 - Great (sarcasm). I have 5 minutes to prepare for my Advanced 'Modern English' class.
7:00 - Here we go again. Damn, I'm hungry.
8:50 - Whew. The day's over. NOT!!!!
8:50 - (see 4:00 entry)
9:05 - Give a kid a telephone test.
9:10 - Supper time.
9:15 - Phone other branch to discuss disasterous test results with one of my Chinese co teachers.
9:45 - Discuss something to do with schedules of kids I'm interviewing tomorrow.
10ish. Begin comments in Treehouse books.
10:30ish - Frantically pack up and gather things to get out before the branch closes.
10:40 Finish writing comments in the rest of the Treehouse books on my scooter seat.
11:00 Stop into McDonald's.
11:30 - head home after staring into space for a good 15 minutes.
12:00 - here I am.

This is the outlook for the next 24 hours:

12:15 am - commence marking QD4 homework books.
1:15 am - take a break
1:30 am - commence marking CD2 homework books
2:30 am - sleep.

OK I'm bored now and so are you.
Must work must work must work must work must work.


Concerned Citizen said...

Hey Roger,

How long have you lived in Taiwan? I am writing from the US and I need help for a friend in Taiwan who is also an American like me. Please visit my blog and let me know if you have any ideas.

Concerned Citizen said...

Sorry Roger,

My last post seemed very cryptic, I didn't mean for it to sound that way at all, I was in a hurry. I have a friend in Taiwan, a business associate who is a wonderful Christian man, who is not being allowed to leave the country and there is no reason in reality that they are detaining him. He is not in jail, he is an American Banker who was there for a meeting and was only staying for four days, those four days have now been turned into four weeks for no justifiable reason. If you would be so kind as to email me, that is if you feel lead of the Lord and at liberty, I would appreciate it. You can check out my web site at to see that I am genuine and you can also view my blog spots. I am a volunteer with The Salvation Army, The Red Cross and I am a Youth Pastor, I am also a Legal Secretary and Corporate Manager. I am for real. Blessings in the MOST EXCELLENT NAME OF JESUS. Oh and my email addy is:

Anonymous said...

And people still think teachers don't deserve their holidays...!!!!

Craig and Jo said...
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Craig and Jo said...

Try squeezing kindie in there as well and you'll pretty much have my first year in Taiwan!

Aaah good times!

This blog is a great memory jogger!
Glad you kept it up!