Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jade Mountain 1

I went to Jade mountain 2 weeks ago. Jade mountain is Taiwan's tallest and is so called because of it's summertime green hue. The summit is 3952m high, and the area around it is very beautiful indeed and definitely not to be missed if you are in Taiwan for even a short time. I had such a good time that the Jade Mountain area is my new favourite place on earth. While travelling to the first lodge (known as 'Tataka') our tour group stopped at a restaurant. This old man decided that my foreign face was quite a novelty and warranted a 'Hellooo' from the table opposite. He was too cute not to have a photo taken with. Funnily, 2 or his relatives were about to kill each other over a financial argument regarding their inheritance at the same time, but he didn't seem too concerned...

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Anonymous said...

Nice Photo and great story to learn. I was up there winter of 1969, was a brutal cold and snowy trip but the memory alway so vivid and warm.

Thank you for bringing me back to the Mountain again, from 20,000+ miles away from home.