Monday, November 01, 2004

Our fancy hotel. Posted by Hello


Davida said... site, great photos. I was looking around at some of your old stuff and read the story about the skin clinic. Too funny! I, too, am a stranger living in a strange land (American in Croatia) and can relate to those kinds of situations. How is Roxy....the cute little beagle puppy? Do you have a recent pic of her?

:) Davida

RoG said...

Thanks Davida. Always good to hear from strangers.
As for Roxy, you'll need to visit my friend's blog to see any updated pictures, as the dog is actually not mine.

Here's the address:

Davida said...

Thanks for the link.....there is one photo of Roxy. She is SO CUTE!! I am a sucker for cute little puppies!! :) What can I say?

JM said...

Hey - came here by chance, from blogexplosion. But oio, what a hotel.

You are running a great side. Keep it up!!