Monday, November 22, 2004

This is Taiwan's most popular surfing spot. The waves would have been exellent, had there not been a super strong sea-to-land wind that day. We met this cool Japanese guy there who was in the process of installing air pumps for one of Taiwan's new semiconductor factories. Posted by Hello


Glen said...

Most popular surfing spot say ye?? T - Bay... *cough cough* Wonder where thay could have gotten (stolen/bastardized) such a name from *cough cough*??

How far is it from taichung???

Oh, and the wind is known as an "onshore" or sea breese(this is a very ponsy Goegraphical name for it) --> wind is blowing on to the shore from the water (u get the picture). Here in S.A. the North East is typically the onshore. The other wind, (this is going to be a hard one to guess, since the names aren't really related at all) is known as the "offshore" or land breeze --> blowing from the land out to sea. The offshore in S.A. is the South Wester, or if you are an old maritime salt "Sou' Wester" (pronounced Sow - Wester).

Glen (A.K.A. Dr. Zoidberg/Factory/Joey/Mitch)PhD in Surfing Science and Beach Culture.

RoG said...

Thanks prof.