Monday, November 22, 2004

Rob S pulling into a nice tube. This beach was literally 4 meters from our tent, but was 'private' so we weren't allowed to use it. About 10 minutes after we took this shot, some security guard kicked us off the beach. Annoying and stupid. Beaches should never be 'private' as far as I'm concerned. Posted by Hello


Glen said...

Sick Photo Bru!!!

Tell Rob I say I'm impressed. Even if the Bible is against bodyboarding: Read Genesis 3!!! The snake was consigned to crawl on its belly, thereby proving bodyboarders inferior to us stand - up surfers :)

Tell Rob I think the pic is sick anyway --> looks like a pretty fun day! Dumb private beach owners!!


RoG said...

Thanks! It was the best I could do with my meagre 3x zoom.