Monday, October 25, 2004

In South Africa, people stick them on cars. Here they put them on scooters! I don't know what this one says though, so if you know, please comment! Posted by Hello


fl said...

this one says,
"Jesus loves you"

it is old chinese character, in Malaysia usually this chinese character is use for calligraphy or art related stuffs.
I guess it is the same in Taiwan.
I wonder ,the owner of the scooter understand the meaning of that ...?

just curious,
how long is your term in Taiwan?

RoG said...

Thanks a lot for the comment! I did recognise that it is traditional writing, but I'm glad to know what it means now. I'm going to be staying for at least 6 months more, I've been here since February.

Craig and Jo said...

You can see the "cup" part of the third character, it's the same as the character for Love in chinese! Look out for it!