Sunday, October 10, 2004


OK, this post has got nothing to do with Taiwan, but this band is SO good that I felt I had to post this as a public service anouncement!

If you like good music and an appreciate raw talent, PLEASE watch this video. It's a live song by a new band called Mute Math. They're one half of the brilliant band Earthsuit which split up after their first album (much to my dissapointment). So very, very, very good.


Glen said...

Hey !!! He's alive!!! Sheesh dude, you haven't been around for ages. Saw Izzy last night. Thought to myself: "Naw, I'm just imagining things, Iz is in t1 with Rog." The I actually spoke to Iz and I was like "Wow, this dream is real!!". Ja, so are you on vac. too?

RoG said...

Well, I can take my leave whenever I want to, but don't think I'll be back in SA until March. I'm really keen to travel around Taiwan and Asia a little while I'm here.

I'm missing you dude, hope things are well!