Saturday, October 30, 2004


One of the downsides to being around all these cute Taiwanese kids all day is the propensity you have for picking up bugs. I took the day off work today because my voice sounds like that of a large bear, recently woken from an extensive period of hibernation. I'm going on a company trip to an amusement park tomorrow, I mean later today, so I had better be better!!!

I'll post photos of the trip when I get back.


Miss Innocent said...

Bugs? Ewww....Thanks for the comment and no I don't mind at all. Thanks :o)

Craig and Jo said...

This is your boss! NO more getting sick you hear!
Hey, glad you had a good time at Junfushun, posted some pics on my blog if you wanna check them out! I Finally figured out how to send them to my Blog, how freakin complicated do you need to make it?! Easy as pie now, but not very intuitive!

Dave and Tracy said...

Doger. get better and be cool.
Check out mu Blog sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hope your voice is restored - how 'bout your emailing fingers....? ;)