Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My chop.

So this is my Chinese signature. It's a weird system, because anyone who gets your stamp can legally sign documents in your name. A bit silly I think, but maybe that's just becasue I'm not very careful. My name is:

'gou' - Tall
'yen' - not sure
'ching' - clear, as in clear water.

So essentially my name means 'tall and clear'. Someone recently remarked that it sounds like a professor! I like it a lot :)

This name was given to me by one of the guys at work, responsible for handling all the foreigner's documents.Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

that "yen", sorrta means "extend". maybe I'm wrong, it's kinnda hard to put an exact meaning on it.

RoG said...

Cool. Thanks for the correction! This is what's so great about the web...

Anonymous said...

Hi there Gou Yen Ching! I think the name fits.... guess you're extending yourself over there this year and you sure are tall by comparison. Clear? Mmm, still thinking about that. Your pics have wonderful lighting effects, for a start.

RoG said...

Thanks Anonymous :)