Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New Photos

I did some driving around on Sunday and took a whole bunch of photos. The first lot are from a series of abandoned houses that are going to be demolishes soon. After that I headed over to perhaps Taichung's nicest scenic spot, Tong Hai University. It really is a beautiful campus, and I was thoroughly impressed. I honestly didn't expect to find a place as architecturally nice as that in Taichung. Following my little campus tour, I went for a visit to Taichung's jade market. Some great stuff there, if you're a girl...

Oh yes. I bought a CD called 'Chinese Classic Orchestra' which doesn't have much orchestra in it at all, but is definitely Chinese, and sounds pretty classical to me. It's very beautiful music played primarily on a kind of traditional dulcimer thing. I should know the name, but don't, so feel free to comment if you can help me.

****Update: Just did a Google for 'Chinese Musical Instruments' and discovered that this beaustiful instrument is called the 'Guzheng'****

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Anonymous said...

Talking classics, did you know that there's a beautiful orchestral work much favoured in the West, called 'Taiwan through the Seasons'?