Tuesday, December 14, 2004

These beads mimic the art of acid etching, apparently popular over 1500 years ago in China. This style is currently enjoying a revival in popularity, I was told by a super friendly guy at the market. The technique is to take the rock (whatever it is) and etch it with acid before baking it in a kiln. The white acid marks then permeate throughout the entire stone making a permanent mark. These were just cheap rip-offs of the real thing at a stand. The real beads, done in the traditional style can be quite expensive. I saw one bracelet that was over 8000NT! Anyway, prices aside, each bead design has some meaning, honouring a specific god of prosperity, war, fertility etc. Wearing the beads is meant to bring the attributes that that god possesses into your life. Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

I have seen something like these on a necklace my Gran once wore, I think...(our fam of course has historic links to China of colonial 19thC)