Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Teapots at the jade market. There are countless stores with dozens of what look like identical little teapots. They are for the 'ritual' drinking of fine tea. The older generation Taiwanese take their tea very seriously, with special rules and etiquette regarding how to brew it, pour it, taste it drink it, store it, etc. Generally one teapot will be used for one type and brand of tea ONLY. Otherwise, I am told, the flavour of the old tea will influence the new one. I guess tea drinking in Taiwan is like wine drinking in some places in the world - a very serious and academic affair! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Any space in your suitcase to bring one home in March?

Anonymous said...

hi roger

I have finally visited your BLOG, as did Rowena recently.

Excellent photos!!!! I am almost convinced to go blogging myself


RoG said...

should be space.