Monday, August 23, 2004

2 big guys coming!!!

Check out the weather link below, becasue there are two typhoons coming Taiwan's way. They're big. Correction. The second one is HUGE. Currently the peak winds are up at 68m/s. That's about 250km/h. The swell in the ocean around this monster is at 12m. Glad I'm not in a boat right now!!! It's kind of exciting for an ex-resident of Jo'burg (probably the city with the best weather in the world).


Anonymous said...

Yor! (Mom's trying to sort out my speech - this word is one of her hates...)
The weather sounds HECTIC! Have the typhoons hit yet? If you can take a couple photos (please DO stay indoors for them), would be quite something to get a taste of. Btw, can you post videos onto the blogspot? Maybe that'd be a good idea for the coming storms.

Man, I miss you! But this blogspot is very cool. At least I can get a regular eye in on your life (Big Sister is watching you...!).

OK. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger

Can you seei f you are doing anything wierd on your side regarding your blog entries. It seems all of a sudden the div tags are not being losed on your entries, which poses a problem and makes planter Rhodes Alumni - look rather miff :<

Drop me an email andwe can try sort out.


Jie Pundik said...

you look cute on the

RoG said...

Thanks, jie. Check your blog. I posted there :)

RoG said...

Barry, thanks for the comment. Looks like it got cut off though and I cant find a way of contacting you. As for the div tags, sorry, no fiddling on my part. Must be the blogspot crew. This whole site has been undergoing many changes in the past few months, so something could have got messed up from there side.

All I do is post like any old no techie would do. The HTML background I don't think I've even looked at yet. (I'm a bad computer scientist aren't I? ;) )

RoG said...

Thanks for the comment Jess!! Yip I miss you too!! Wow- it's raining heavily now even though the typhoon is gone! I hate riding my scooter in the rain.