Saturday, August 21, 2004

I'm a horrible, deceptive teacher.

This is really silly and quite annoying. Today I was told that the parent of one of my younger students was 'quite mad'.

Why? Because I told her little daughter that my name was 'monkey'. Now granted, the nuances of sarcasm aren't appreciated until the ages of say 15 or so, but me calling myself a monkey is hardly subtle sarcasm nor persuasive deception on my part. It's a strange girl who believs that her teacher is a monkey because he says so with a big joking grin. Ahh well. I'll put that down to another strange cross cultural mess up. In fact, the girl seems quite normal. I'm not sure the same can be said of the parent.

Hold on. It just occured to me... What if the girl didn't know what a monkey was. Then she would believe me and then her mom would be annoyed. Now I get it.

But it's still frivilous. CHILL OUT PARENTS!!!


Glen said...

Ja, I told you that your caustic sense of humour would get you into trouble one of these days!!! James 3:17 Hmmm... As you may have noticed, I have joined the ranks of the mindless blog - sheep. Check me out @

RoG said...

Sorry about not replying man, you know how I am sometimes!! I saw your blog. It's cool and I bookmarked it too!