Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Taiwanese people are lovely...

I wrote this on a paper serviette while I was doing some marking in a Starbucks Coffee shop up the road.

I'm totally charmed by these people! They are polite and graceful, yes, but the thing that really gets me is the way they love their children. I'm watching a sweet girl of about 10 years old just enjoy being with her mom. There is a lot of physical love between them and one can see that mom and daughter are good friends. It's very touching. I see this all the time in this country.
Not only do parents and children love each other, but so do men and women, especially those my age. They just really seem to appreciate one another and regard each other as equals.

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Y said...

this is nice. i wish all people in the world are like that.. full of love and knows how to respect one another.