Sunday, August 29, 2004

Do you like the new look?

I changed my blog 'skin' and think it looks a touch more professional. I've also added some links at the bottom of the right section of the page (If that's not too confusing...). Go have a look and see what sites I like to visit.


Miriam said...

I was doing my daily blog review when I stumbled upon your site. Who knew there was another Christian, ex-pat in Taiwan, English teaching blogger? It's a small, small world. Great site. If you wish, you can check mine here. Have a beautiful day!

Ian said...

hey thanks for commenting back. Your correct on how I found your site haha, the "next blog" button comes in handy when your bored. I to have noticed all the nonsensical blogs cluttering the internet, and I'm glad you don't think mine is one.


RoG said...

Thanks Miriam! Cool blog- wish I could comment though. The layout it good and you write well, keep it up! Thanks for commenting!